DARK MOFO and Tasmania adventures!


I have wanted to go to Tasmania, as a grown up, for the longest time!  I went with my parents when I was very little, but only have memories of a particularly snowy wombat and one very delicious sausage roll...so felt the need to return to see what else it had to offer. Given that a lot of my gal pals (myself included) will be turning 30 this year, we thought that a lush jaunt to DARK MOFO and the city of Hobart, was well and truly in order.  I simply must share some highlights of our adventures with you, and should you find yourself in Tassie, I would recommend any and all of these jaunts to you too!

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Soon after arriving in Hobart, we dropped our luggage off at our little airbnb and headed straight to Battery Point in pursuit of some coffee and baked treats from Jackman and McRoss.  With deliciousness in hand, we strolled around the area and admired all the gorgey houses, flowers, and lace curtain-clad windows.  We met an adorable puppy Dalmatian called Gertie on our way through to Salamanca, and took a group photo on a nearby hill to celebrate.

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As we strolled around Hobart, we started to see the signs of DARK MOFO speckled throughout the city.  Huge, upside down crosses loomed in the sky, neon-red signs labelled the Winter Feast and Dark Park locations that we would be returning to explore that evening. After a solid amount of strolling, we headed to Franklin for a delicious degustation lunch (highly recommended!). The food and wine was amazing, and afterwards we were so full that we decided to go back to our accomodation to settle in, have a little lie down...all, of course, in preparation for our next impending feast. 

As our DARK MOFO adventure was predominantly to celebrate our important birthday years, I thought it only right that each of us have our own 'tinsel birthstone' jacket.  So when we got back to our house, I sprung the jackets on the gals, which caused a solid squealing and shimmying session.  My jacket was blue for Sapphire (September), Vonny and Chi had pastel pearl jackets (for June), and Alex had a citrine/topaz combo (for November)...I need to share that, because I really put a lot of thought into it haha.  So needless to say, our MOFO outfit requirements were pretty sorted, and these jackets certainly took us on a wild ride throughout the course of the weekend.  

Winter Feast was absolutely incredible.  It was like entering a David-Lynch-Style-Hogwarts-Hall extravaganza!  Basically the feast was a huge series of food stalls that extended to an additional outdoor section as well.  Most of the options represented local produce and businesses, and boy-oh-boy were we absolutely spoilt for choice!  Not wanting to miss a mouthful, we decided to each pick a plate and share...creating something of a Winter Feast buffet for ourselves...that we just didn't want to stop!  After that, it was time to head into Night Mass, a part of the festival that is packed with activations, music, and performance art.  I can't describe everything that happenned/we saw in this next part because there was SO MUCH...so I'll just let these pictures to the talking for me.

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Needless to say, the next day we were totally pooped from our adventures and so obviously slept in until 12pm the next day, rising only to answer the lure of our booking at Agrarian Kitchen. This eating spot is located in New Norfolk, which is about a 20 minutes drive from Hobart.  It resides in a...well...rather spooky spot.  Prior to being a delicious restaurant, the building was in fact a mental institution.  The grounds (though a bit haunty) really are amazing, and worth a stroll around after you have gorged yourself senseless on the spectacular menu at Agrarian. Honestly, I must say that this was my favourite meal of the trip.  It was so delicious, beautifully done, and the service was just lovely...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

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Oh man would you have a look at those potatoes! And that pork! Oh god, and there were so many yummy sauces to go with it all too!!

Oh man would you have a look at those potatoes! And that pork! Oh god, and there were so many yummy sauces to go with it all too!!

This spooky well was out of control.  Had some flashback to 'The Ring'.

This spooky well was out of control.  Had some flashback to 'The Ring'.

After lunch and a solid wander, time flew and it was practically time to head back to our air bnb, have a champagne, and get ourselves ready for DARK MOFO again...which needless to say, was the start of another SPECTACULAR EVENING.  Beginning once again at Winter Feast, we then managed to talk our way into Night Mass again (we didn't have tickets for night 2...and they were sold out...so we relied on our jackets to get us in instead), and by the end of the evening we had made friends with a local artist, who took us back to his studio for cocktails and a it of impromptu dressmaking...all before heading back out to a local club to boogy until sunrise.  All in all, not a bad evening.

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After our gal's DARK MOFO weekend, it was time to say goodbye for a week. Thomas arrived on the Monday and together we set off on our adventure to Pumphouse Point, a secluded little getaway spot on Lake St Claire.  This part of the trip was SO relaxing and had come recommended by some good friends of ours.  Every day was simply filled with sleepins, nature walks, delicious snacks, yum beverages, and cutie animal sightings.  It was honestly one of the best little getaways of my life, we felt so taken care of and relaxed by the end, that obviously we didn't want to leave.

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After Pumphouse, we couldn't resist heading back to Tassie for the final weekend of DARK MOFO and a well-anticipated trip across the water to MONA (Which was just as incredible as I had hoped it would be!!).  

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I could go on and on, because so much happened and I have so much to share, but I will leave it there for now.  This goes down as one of my favourite trips EVER, and I must say, if you haven't gone to Tassie already...do yourself a favour and GO!!

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