This has been the first week in SO long that has not been completely MENTAL.  I have gotten through a busy patch and now have a couple of weeks to work away at making a massive amount of pom poms for an installation project I have booked in for the end of the year.


Pom pom making is pretty relaxed work.  Usually I park myself on the couch in front of Netflix or listen to a podcast (surrounded by the sausages) and spend hours just winding away...stopping only for the occasional snack. Tough life, hey? But as much as I am loving the relaxed pace, I must confess I do feel a little on edge!  I feel as though I should somehow be busier...be rushing about as usual from one thing to another as I have become accustomed to over the last few months. What the hell is wrong with me? It's like this weird guilty-edgy feeling I just can't shake! I am trying to get a grip on these feelings by BREATHING, writing in my diary each morning to try clear my head a little, and also just focus on how special this time is!  As who knows, I might not be able to have this relaxed time of creative freedom forever.


The task I have is to make 2000 pom poms for an installation project in November.  I can't reveal the details of the project just yet, but I CAN say that I have had to get my little butt into gear and ensure that I am pretty much making them constantly.  I have this nightmare of getting to like...September...and realising that I have only made a small handful of pom poms and having a complete panic attack! So! I am making it my mission to integrate pom pom making into my weekly practice.


Pom pom making sessions with friends has been a really fun way to spend an afternoon and motivate me to just. keep. winding.  We load up on snacks and sugary drinks and chat about our feelings, all the while making these colourful orbs.


So many poms!! And SO addictive!  Needless to say I can't stop taking photos of the making process, so expect to see more pom oriented snaps over the coming months.


Ohhhh this pinky pom.  I am obsessed.


As well as making pom poms for a point, I can't help myself but integrate the occasional one into some slightly less urgent 'procrastination collages'.  Watch this space, as I reckon there will be more where this came from!

Rach x