Creating 'The Culture Club'


When I see fun editorial images on instagram or online, I can't help but wonder how these pictures pop into existence.  Questions like: where were the photos taken?...What time did they start shooting?...How did the concept come together?...All spring to mind!  As I love behind the scene glimpses so much, I thought it would be fun to share some behind-the-scene-snaps and drawings from my latest capsule collection shoot 'The Culture Club' which was photographed recently at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.


I have been dreaming up this collection of tinsel pieces for MONTHS.  Prior to quitting my day job, I would sit in meetings about commercial garments or trend-based marketing campaigns...and secretly imagine these wild and RITZY ensembles. Over and over I would daydream about having the time to make these pieces! SO, upon finding myself gainfully self-employed, one of the first tasks I set myself was to bring some of these ideas to immediate life.

In the weeks prior to this shoot, I sewed all day and deep into the night, stitching thousands of strands of tinsel to garments to try and bring these pieces to life.  Whilst making these pieces, the concept for the shoot simultaneouslt started to crystallise. As I finalised the last pieces, I couldn't imagine photographing them anywhere other than at the Queensland Art Gallery and as luck would have it...this is exactly what I would do...


Teaming up with my long time favourite photographer Andrea Jankovic (seriously, she is so good!! I am so lucky to have gotten to work with her for so many years) it was an early rise at 5.30am to get to work!  The very talented Carly Lim did hair and makeup at my house, working with model Kayla Wilson from Busy Models to bring our look to life. After some fabulous hair twizzling and some slices of well timed honey on toast, we hit the road to QAG crossing our fingers along the way that the cloudy skies wouldn't lead to rain!


As soon as we arrived at the gallery, we hopped into action mode. I can't tell you how surreal that morning was.  The Gallery were kind enough to open their doors early to us, welcoming us into the sculpture garden bright and early and allowing us to bring our vision to life.  HOW AMAZING IS THAT?? They opened up early for us.  I was shooketh the whole morning. I actually felt so bloody honoured and excited.


I am a chronic sketcher.  As you can see, I am not the most accomplished illustrator...but I love scribbling out my ideas and find them super handy to refer to on the day of my shoots.  I find that sketching out shot compositions really focuses me, and my sketchbook is something I can always pull out and stare at if I get a bit nervous...or go blank on the day (which can totally happen if you get a bit overwhelmed by all the excitement!).We had a tight time window to work to in the sculpture garden.  As the gallery opened to the public at 10am, we shot as much as we could during the time we had, before moving into the common areas of the gallery grounds to shoot the rest of the editorial.


It was pretty crazy to see all my scribbles and hopes for the shoot come to life on the day! I can honestly say this has been my most favourite editorial to date!


You can check out all the results from 'The Culture Club' editorial shoot by clicking here

Thanks so much to the whole team for your amazing efforts on the day!  And extra special thanks to Amelia and Jaala from QAGOMA, who were so instrumental in helping to make the day happen.  It was a total dream come true!

Rach xx