I went to London!


Late last year I headed to London with my good pal from work.  We were there to absorb all the cultural and far-shion goodness that the city had to offer...and boy oh boy, did we explore it!


When going to London, Shoreditch is one of my favourite areas to frequent.  With  boutique shopping and glorious street art (such as the above), we tend to gravitate here each trip to absorb everything it has to offer!


I can barely breathe when I start to remember the night we had at Sketch the incredible restaurant/instagram HEAVEN in central London.  There are just no words that really do justice to how beautiful and fabulous this evening was.  As you can see from all my snaps, my memories are just washed with pink.  And don't even get me started on the bathrooms!! These giant egg-pods were just like nothing I have ever seen...and oh god, will someone just take me back there immediately, please?


That mass of green was my dinner, and was very delicious.  That cocktail was also OUT OF CONTROL YUM.


Me being SUCH a tourist in the bathrooms because I was just so impressed and dazzled.


Gahhh, the art by David Shrigley was just too sensational.  Will. Never. Forget. This. Place.


Naturally a key agenda item for our trip was to trot on over to the TATE and have a solid stroll around the museum.  I could have looked around for days, there was just so much incredible art to see!


Oh God, Lee Krasner...my favouriiiiite!!


After the TATE, we were in major luck...my friend Jordan Pollard was playing on the West End in Phantom of the Opera (insert powerfully shook face).  Naturally we went to see him, and as The West End have very strict policies on taking photos in the theatre, I settled instead for this snap of a chandelier, which is a very sweet reminder of an absolutely glorious evening!


Whilst Sketch was a fabulous location for sitting in pink and marvelling at the surroundings, pick of the food bunch for me was definitely the restaurant BAO.  By complete accident, Anna and I wandered past it on our last day, and decided to join the line that had formed across the street.  OH BOY, were we glad that we did!  Because the food was just so sensational!!


Look at this tiny bao! Look at that delicious lemon gimlet! It was just beyond tasty, and so thoroughly worth the wait!  I highly recommend that if you find yourself in London, with a hankering for yum snacks, then you hot foot it there immediately.

Of course there were so many wonderful moments on the trip that I wish I could share with you all!  It was just so inspiring!! I will simply have to return..hopefully soon!

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