Costuming Sheppard's Coming Home Video!


Early last week I got a text that I wasn't expecting, the main question at hand being, "Can you costume the band Sheppard for their new video clip?  It's in 4 days...".  Shook with excitement at such a request, I agreed...before swiftly realising that I needed to make 12 costumes for dancers and performers in those 4 days (all whilst working full time).  INSERT FRANTIC NIGHT TIME SEWING SESSIONS...


The sewing story (or sew storm as I liked to call it) has a happy ending, and somehow - I still don't quite know how - I managed to pull together all the looks for the video clip.  I also got to go along to the filming on the weekend to style all the performers in their costumes at the studio with the help of lovely Linda Nguyen and an amazing crew of awesome people!


One of the best things about the day was seeing all my tinsel pieces come to life.  My heart was swollen with wonder as I watched the incredible dancers move around the space and breathe magic into my garments.


So much twirling was done all round!!


I can't wait to see the finished video and share it with you all!! I feel so lucky to have been involved in such a wild ride of tinsel and fun! Watch this space for the video!