Tinsel Town for Shop the City at Melbourne Central


Boy-oh-boy what a big week I had last week! As luck would have it, I was set with the faaaabulous task of installing my tinsel installation at Melbourne Central for their Shop the City event.  The Tinsel Room works as an extravagant photo-booth-style space, where you can pop one of my many tinsel jackets on, frost yourself in some of my jewelled accessories, and then celebrate your transformation by cheers-ing with some giant, novelty-sized, gemmed cups!  The installation will be in  Melbourne Central for the rest of the month, so if you are in Melbourne and need a good dose of glitter...stop by!


The box is located in the upper level of Melbourne Central, just outside Bardot.


It was so awesome to see so many people come to the launch of the Tinsel Room and strike some of the best poses I've seen in a while.  It was only fair that I did the same...


In my opininion, the Tinsel Room is preeeeetty much selfie heaven.


In addition to tinselling up a storm, I also did a solid session of bedazzling for the friendly folk strolling through Melbourne Central for their late night shopping centre.  I bedazzled all sorts of things, from phone cases, to jackets and glasses...to asthma inhalers!  It was such a hoot and SO lovely to see so many lovely new and familiar faces!


Please keep tagging me in photos if you stop by my installation! I would love to see your snaps! Happy tinselling!