'Coming into Fashion' and the week that was


Last Friday night was a total sensation! Hopping in the car straight after work, Thomas and I made the journey down to the Gold Coast to celebrate the launch of Coming Into Fashion, A century of photography at Conde Nast.  Incidentally, My pal Patience Hodgson and I will be crafting up a storm for some public programming events for this fine affair in 2018! More info on our events will be available via the Gold Coast Arts Centre website.


After a quick and fairly public change in the car (from work clothes into my FIRST EVER TINSEL DRESS) we made our way into the event and enjoyed photographic works from legends such as Deborah Turbeville, Tim Walker, Mario Testino, and Helmut Newton.  Needless to say it was a true treat of an evening.


If you are thinking about making a little jaunt to the Gold Coast, then I highly recommend doing so and stopping by this amazing exhibition!  You really won't regret it!


Needless to say I was feeling pretty impressed with myself re: this tinsel frock.  You may be pleased to know that I have in fact made them available via my website!  As such, you can purchase here, if you too desire to look like a very sparkly cake (like, who wouldn't?).


The rest of the weekend was a mad blur of making.  To be honest, I have been making non stop lately. As soon as I get home from work, I head straight to my sewing room and hit-the-pedal (of the sewing machine, that is). Things have been particularly busy because I have an activation with Melbourne Central coming up next week, and so have been trying to finish all the props, jackets and bits/bobs off in time! You'll be pleased to know I'm getting there!! I finished the below jackets.(which are 2 of the 10 that I have made for the activation)...


These FIVE FULLY GEMMED goblets (omg these took so long to make!! Thank you Netflix, you really helped a gal out)....


Also all of these sunglasses (and more TBH)...


Whilst working on my Melbourne Central project, I also completed a big order for a customer in New York city!  I like this photo of the jackets all stacked up on the Aus Post scales:


In the blur of making, there is obviously always time for delicious snacks and seeing wonderful people.  Journeying over to the South Side (which is quite a treat when you are a non driver), we stopped by Death Valley and Red Robin Supper Truck to hang out with my pals Pae and John, and meet their heavenly new baby - which was a total delight!


I don't have any photos of their beautiful baby, but I do have one of the beautiful beverage and burger they made me aha...(what is actually wrong with me?). Seriously though, this burger was SO delicious...and seriously, their baby is SO beaut.


Here are some final piccies of this dress again.  Needless to say I am incredibly in love with it and will obviously be setting about making one in every colour! Just between us, I have made a pretty powerful one for the Melbourne Central launch next week!!  Pretty excited to share some snaps!!


Finally, on a daily stroll through Nundah this week, I found a little something that stopped me in my tracks. As you can see in the below image, there was a stray little pom pom lying on the road.  Whilst these last few weeks have been exciting, they have also been pretty chaotic and stressful.  Trying to balance a big influx of orders, collaborations and events with 9-5 work and general life duties has sure left me feeling pretty pooped, often grumpy...and on some evenings, worried that I wasn't going to finish everything on time.  But I felt like this little pom on the road was a little sign from the Universe to let me know that I'm on the right track, and that I just have to stick it out.(Heck, it even matched my socks AMIRIGHT?!).


Anyway, that is what I thought when I saw that little pom! Let's see what the coming weeks bring :)

Rach xx