Festive Holiday Ensemble for Spoonflower


As a sewing enthusiast, I have found myself endlessly scrolling through the pages of Spoonflower,  an American online fabric store with an amazing variety of custom fabrics available!  In a lucky turn of events, Spoonflower has asked me to try my hand at making some festive-holiday-inspired outfits using some of their fabulous fabrications.  Whilst it was incredibly difficult to choose what fabric to use (there are SO many gorgey fabrics!!), I had a go, and put together 2 jolly looks using some simple sewing techniques.


First up, I made this red and white gingham pinafore/shift dress which I styled over a simple white tee.  This gingham fabric design is by weaving major and can be sourced here. Making this frock was a simple process. First I measured out 1.5 metres of fabric and sewed in a strip of elastic to the upper.   Flipping it all inside out, I sewed in a french seam to close it up, hemmed it, and then added on 2 straps. And voila...


To complete the look, I covered a headband in the same fabric (secured with a little hand stitching), and added some tinsel-jacket-goodness to flavour.


Puppy company is optional, but recommended. Also, heavenly earrings by Eachtoown.


Next up, I made this black and white suqiggly number with BIG PUFFY SLEEVES!  The print for this item was made by elliottdesignfactory and can be found here. This frock took a little longer to put together, but I imagined it could be a fun Christmas dinner dress. I made this item in three pieces...creating an elastic waisted skirt first and then attaching strips of fabric to the waist band to create the bust.


To create the sleeves I made another 2 rectangles of fabric and stitched elastic into each end, before closing them up and attaching them to the shoulder area of the upper.  This means that when I put the frock up, the elastic cuffs could be arranged on my arms to make the sleeves extra puffy! I finished off the whole design by hemming a long strip of fabric and applying it as a waist tie.


To complete this outfit, just add a cocktail and jaunty paper crown (one of the ones from a christmas bon bon, obvi).


Thanks so much Spoonflower for allowing me to try my hand at some serious dress making! I love my new frocks and will definitely be trotting them out over the silly season.  If you would like to have a whirl at making some outfits with Spoonflower fabrics use the code Rachel17 at the Spoonflower checkout for a 10% discount. Don't forget you can also upload your own designs to fabrics through Spoonflower!! The possibilities are LIMITLESS!

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