Yayoi Kusama HEAVEN and Tinsel Town opening!


For the last few weeks I have been flicking through the pages of my diary and eagerly anticipating the agenda items penned in for this week...my Tinsel Town exhibition opening with Holly Leonardson and what I solidly underlined and labelled (with multicolouredspots) YAYOI KUSAMA OPENING DAY/NIGHT at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art!

I felt incredibly lucky to be invited to the launch and see a collection of works by one of my all time favourite artists.  Kusama has been a massive source of inspiration for me since high school - I love how she uses repetition to explore the depths of her world.  I also love her use of colour, sculpture, and the way she invites the viewer to be apart of her art (most joyfully exemplified in the Obliteration Room). The prolific nature of her art practice and her continued dedication to producing works is JUST INCREDIBLE.  Basically, go and see the show, you won't regret it!!


This is one of my favourite series of photographs by Yayoi Kusama.  I would love to try and recreate this concept one day with a different series of crafty materials. Imagine this image series done with pom poms!!


I took the opportunity to have a swift lounge in the Obliteration room.


Photos courtesy of GOMA.


One of the majorly fun parts of the day was picking out what I was going to wear to both the morning and night events.  I would be a TOTAL liar if I said I didn't meticulously plan out each of my ensembles...because I most certainly did.  I wanted to make some serious OTT tinsel creations and so whipped up a tiered pastel situation for the day event, and this spliced red/pink number for the evening.


The night before the Yayoi Kusama launch, I also enjoyed a launch of my own!  Arm in arm will visual artist Holly Leonardson, we opened our show at Analogue Gallery. Decking out the entire space (and a bunch of my pals) in tinsel, we basically just had the sparkliest time ever.


Special mention must go to complete-angel-in-my-life Chrisanthi Demos who modelled in all the collage images and constantly lets me drape her in tinsel finery. Where would I be without you in my life?!




Good news is, you can still purchase Holly's collages from the show here AND you can now shop all my tinsel goodies at www.shoprachelburke.com

All in all, it was a pretty sensational week and one that I won't forget very soon! I definitely need a pretty serious nap now, but that doesn't meanI don't want to do it all over again!  Fingers crossed more fun times are on the horizon!