Submissions to Apomogy zine issue #1 are open


I have been stewing on an idea to start this zine for some time, and FINALLY am JUST DOING IT! As this project is already filled with the contributions of people everywhere, I thought it only right to open up the pages, and invite you to share your stories (whether written/visual/poetic/artful...literally whatever).  Each issue I will select a different pom pom to be used as the stimulus for the creative within the issue, and for this first one I have picked "I'm sorry we're not friends anymore".

Things to think about when putting together your pitch or submission?  Did you ever lose a friend due to time, circumstances, changes in location, or perhaps in an epic (no holding back!) argument?  Are their images of things that remind you of old friendships, long ended.  Are there Film/Music/Book reviews that make you nostalgic about old friends. Forgotten friendships?  Friendships that make you feel strange because of how they ended? Did you have friendships that fizzled and died all on their own? What do the  ghosts of friendships past look like for you?

The above are just some initial can of course submit whatever you'd please email