About the last two weeks


The last 2 weeks have been BANANAS.  I have finished off a bunch of commissions and workshops, and am now prepping for Splendour in the Craft and my first Magical Mundane Residency in The Valley! Before I forget about everything I have finished off, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you...and even recap it for myself, so I don't forge! Because who would want to forget marvels such as the above bedazzled gloves! NOBODY!  That's who!

First up, I had my Pom Pom Crown making workshop at Brisbane's The Johnson, which is a very razzle-dazzle Art Series Hotel!  It was so wonderful to have so many people come along and as you can see from the below snaps, everyone did an incredible job!


Look at all these cutie gals with their FABULOUS head pieces!!

Then, I finished off a marathon gemming session for heavenly all-girl-band, All Our Exes Live in Texas.  They commissioned me to make them each a pair of bedazzled booties and a cutie jacket to match for their upcoming (and now soldout!!) tour.  Needless to say, I am obsessed with the outcome...


I paused on bedazzling for a moment to gather with some friends last weekend and jar some olives....which was an ABSOLUTE TREAT! Fun fact...as a kid I used to be REPULSED by the very thought of an olive, oh how things change!


Fuelled by the spirits of olives passed, and by memories of Sophie Ellis Bexter and her INSANELY GOOD green eyeshadow in the Murder On The Dance-floor film clip, this weekend I was struck by the desire to make an EPIC green sparkly coat.

I can't tell you how obsessed I used to be with Sophie Ellis Bexter when I was younger.  Her song with SPILLER 'if this ain't love' was one of the first singles I ever bought and I would play it on my discman endlessly. So, when murder on the dancefloor came out, I was obviously floored - because the song was just such a goddamn ear-worm that it instantly shadowed anything that had come beforewith its splendour!I'm glad to see that all those replays finally culminated in something tangible for me to wear on my shoulders...


Post-tinself-frenzy, I also made these gloves...which I think are a little polarising for people?  Are they creepy? Are they strange? Are they JUST PERFECT?  You be the judge!

And then....more poms crowns, just BECAUSE!


And...now a fresh week has begun and I'm continuing on with some new things! I reallllly want to make a red jacket with pink pom poms (kind of like a vovo jacket?) so watch this space...