Everyday I'm Scribbling


It's no secret that sitting still is not my cup of tea.  However, with work entering a particularly busy period and my extra-curricular projects ticking along at a speedy rate, I am finding that sitting still and unwinding is becoming more of a luxury than ever before.  As such, I decided to think up a simple way to unwind that wouldn't leave me feeling bored or restless. Enter, the scribble...


Scribbling is a basic enough concept.  You put pen/texta/pencil to paper and make a good old mess. We are encouraged to do it early on in life before other more 'sensible' (ew gross) things take precedence.  Slowly, as we get older, the need to scribble and colour in becomes less of a priority, and before we know it, a recreational doodle is a thing of the past.  Until now!


Each afternoon or evening, I am taking the time to unwind by propping myself at my desk or in front of the TV, and doing some good old fashioned automatic scribbling.  I am trying to do one each night and finish a piece off by writing a small 'diary-like' entry on the back in regards to how I'm feeling. I am really enjoying how the pieces are turning out - because honestly I am trying not to think about the compositions and instead just focus on the act of breathing and colouring in-between the lines...or often, just scribbling out in a bit of an explosion (as you can see above).


So, if you have itchy hands like me, but still want to relax, I really recommend a bit of mindless (or perhaps it is actually quite mindful...) scribbling.  All you need are some basic pens/textas/pencil and a willingness to simply breathe and embark on a judgement-free funfest.


I have sold a few of my scribble pieces now via my instagram page, so if you are interested in acquiring one of my doodles, feel free to get in touch at imakeyouwearit@gmail.com |  In the meantime, I will be continuing to scribble my little heart...