Make a glitter globe!


Have you ever wondered what to do with those glass jars you accumulate at home?  Are you saving them for jams that never get made or are you like me, and are simply hoarding them in the top, most out of reach cupboard for some rainy day when you might just happen to need EVERY CUTE JAR THAT EVER EXISTED?!?  There was that time about 2 years ago, when a drink simply wasn't a drink unless it was served in some kind of rimmed jar, and whilst I still enjoy that sentiment, I believe that the humble jar can serve a great many other purposes, including being the vessel for a rather fancy glitter globe! If you agree with this idea, then click ahead to find out how make your very own glitter-globe-keepsake!


To make your glitter globe, you will need a jar (I knowwww it's not a globe shape, but please suspend your disbelief). Please pre-bedazzle the lid of your jar with some hot glue and shiny bits. | A handful of crystals and sequins | pom poms | crystal shred | crystal glitter | tinsel.


Start by selecting the colour pallet of your 'ingredients'.  As you can see I have stuck to pinks/white crystal tones/ lilac and blue.


Then it is really just a matter of adding all these bits into your jar.  It is really the easiest thing!  Just layer up everything like a glittery trifle, starting with the tinsel shred...


Then the pom poms...


Then add your beauuuutiful flower in...


Followed by your sequins, crystals, and any other shiny bits you might want to pop in!


Fill it up with water, dust in your glitter, give it a shake up and that's it! you're done! You've got yourself a pretty little glitter globe.  Perfect for the shelf or a signature gift to a well loved pal.