I did a TED x QUT talk!


After a year of script writing, meetings, planning, and panic...I did it! I did a TED talk! And I didn't fall over, forget my words, ramble incessantly or swear inappropriately (believe me, all of those things were entirely possible!). I was thrilled and honoured to speak about my Apomogy project at the QUT Gardens Point Theatre and I can't wait to share the video with you all once it is ready!  I must say a big thank you to everyone who helped me get ready for the day too!  Thanks to Gail Sorronda for my beautiful shirt, Gorman for my pants and the incredible Indigo Cut and Colour for making my hair look the most regal.


After my talk I also had the opportunity to do a workshop to show people how to make an Apomogy.


A big congratulations to all the other speakers who took part in the event - you were all so magnificent! It was really such a privilege getting to share the stage with so many inspiring speakers!