Fab-Foil Necklace


Foil is traditionally used to cook snacks on and wrap sandwiches in, however it also has some more sensational possibilities - like being the perfect base for your next item of jewellery!  If you're in need of a quick and easy solution to a drab outfit, trot on over to your kitchen drawer and your problems will be solved faster than you can say, "CASSEROLE!".

You will need:

1 x metre of foil / Gems in multiple sizes and colours / Glitter / Hot Glue Sticks and Glue Gun / Plastic Greenery / Pom Poms


Begin by doubling over your foil....


Then scrunch up the foil to create the desired shape of your necklace.  At this stage, take a moment to fit it on your neck, making  sure that you like the fit.


Start hot gluing on your bigger gems first...


The aim is to cover the whole of your necklace...


Keep going...


And going...


Once you are happy with your gemmed foundation, you can start gluing on some pom poms and any other nick-knacks that you desire.  I have used for some little plastic swan buttons and old pearls.


Once you're happy with how this is looking, you are ready to glue on HEAPS of little gems and sequins.  This will make your necklace look SO lush and sparkly.


Then, take some plastic greenery and chop up some of the sprigs. You can get this greenery at pet stores or $2 shops...or simply use some old fish tank decorations or fake foliage from around the house.


Start gluing the greenery into random nooks of your necklace.  Add as much or as little as you desire.


This next bit is a little, treasured secret of mine, that I use to make my swamping extra lush and fabulous.  Get your hot glue gun and squeeze out a big blob of glue.  Be really careful not to touch it - as it will be SO HOT.


While the glue is still piping hot, get some loose glitter and scatter it on top of the hot glue. Continue gluing and glittering the necklace as you desire...


You can see I have used some different coloured glitter throughout my necklace.  You can stick to one colour, or switch it up, depending on what you're after.


Once all the glue is dry and cool to the touch, dust off the excess glitter with a dry paint brush.


And voila! You now have a subtle, classy, statement piece that will take your outfit to the next level!