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A  pesky drawback of returning back from overseas, is the feeling that suburban Brisbane can (in my humble opinion) sometimes feel a little drab in comparison, compared to say...the bustling streets of Shibuya.  As such, occasionally I find myself longing for some more exciting scenery.  On these days where I get a little 'grass is greener' on myself, I make it my mission to have a solid stroll around my neighbourhood to try to find some unexpected beauty, or 'flavour' that I haven't found before.


I confess that these feelings of wishing for more exciting surroundings hit me the hardest in the morning, just before I start work.  Often I arrive in Nundah earlier than I need to (I don't drive so need to hitch a lift with Thomas) and this leaves me with some cherished time to get a coffee and have a little stroll around.  But while I love my relaxed long black, it is around the fourth sip that the feelings of "why aren't I strolling past the Golden Gate Bridge" start to bubble up.  But I hate these feelings! I hate starting the day wishing I was somewhere more aesthetically pleasing - it seems like such a first-world-whinge-athon.  So to help me snap out of it, I have made it my mission to go consciously looking for the suburb's unchartered delights.  It definitely has involved taking a much longer route to work than necessary, but I have found that the process has really lifted my morning mood and given the period of 7am-8am, unexpected new meaning and colour.


As obvious as it is, it really is amazing what you see when you truly LOOK around.  Despite knowing this full well, I still have to pointedly remind myself.  I find that taking photos helps me to achieve this looking, and obviously assists me in documenting what I'm seeing. Things that I usually just stroll past without even thinking, suddenly have a greater significance.  It is no secret that I love searching for the magic in the mundane...and this new morning routine has served to encourage me to do this


So if you're feeling a little bored or underwhelmed of a morning, I encourage you to take the long way to work and really have a look around. See if you can find that little pop of colour that makes your heart skip a beat or a lush bush that really puts a pep in your step!


You can see all the snaps in this series by clicking....here!


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