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Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.45.02 PM

It's been quite a while since I have posted anything to this here blog, but like many of you reading can probably relate, the end of last year got pretty mental!  Between workshops, Christmas parties, TED prep, and then venturing off to Japan (YAY!), every time I went to actually write a blog post I found that I was a little lost for words.  However, now that we are well and truly in 2017, and I have returned from the holidays, I am feeling a little more focused and refreshed, which is allowing me to reflect on the happenings of the last couple of months!

In between making tinsel jackets, gluing things to tights, and collecting the apologies of anonymous strangers, I found myself unwittingly starting a new project using some old things lurking at the back of my cupboards.  To be honest, it all started with some rocks.


I found myself lugging home little boulders I would see on my walks near work/home (to a very confused household) and enjoyed the idea of transforming them from something I would usually something ornamental in my house.  After doing this for a little while, I found myself starting to look at other things I usually overlook a little differently.  Enter: the cupboard under the sink: packed full with laundry liquids and detergent that I rarely use...and certainly NEVER think about...particularly in relation to their aesthetics.


It got me thinking about how all these products, in their brightly coloured packages, come and go through our life.  For me personally, these products come...but rarely go.  Whether I use them too slowly or sparingly, they will stay in my cupboard, sometimes for years!  And that's just cleaning products!  Non-perishable (or at least, hard to perish) food will stay in my pantry for any number of months, taking up a residency with no eviction in site (unless of course I find myself with a Sunday morning hankering for Milo).  I started realising that I was unwittingly hoarding these products and started imagining them as an extension of myself - a strange reef of products that I was growing in my house...with no intension of letting them go.


These products are obviously designed to lure us make us buy them over other brands, or swallow them down despite being made up of strange chemicals, gums, and mysterious numbers. It has been interesting to dwell on this, to think about what makes me want to buy something and in turn, what makes other people want to buy a product?  What devices do product-developers use to make things like tinned tongues, processed mutton, (and the ever polarising) SPAM, appealing to its customers.  And what makes me most perceptible to the charms of  fancy packaging? These musings have made trips to the shops more interesting.  I have found myself seeking out those products which fit into my aesthetic...responding by curating my shop to reflect my ideal colour pallet of pink, mint green, and lilac.


So over the next few months, when I get a quiet moment, I am going to continue curating my strange little reef, attempting to transform these non-perishables into ornamental sculptures, keen to dwell on the odd magic of it all.  Lets see where it all goes...


I will be posting my creations weekly to my instagram @imakestagram ! Happy scrolling! xx

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