The Garage Sale, The ABC, endless Pomming...oh, and costumes for KESHA.

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May has been a blur of recovering from the craziest garage sale of all time (seriously, it was so so EPIC!!), churning out Tinsel Jacket orders (I can't believe I have made SO MANY!!) and making THAT many pom poms that I was finally gifted with my very own corn on my finger (yes, it is just as gross and weird as you would imagine...but would you look at all these pom poms....) 

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Speaking of pom poms, I have a bit of news re: Apomogy! I will be installing the project into the Redlands art gallery in July and will also be releasing the very first Apomogy Zine in June!! To chat about all these pom-pom oriented updates, and a lot more, I was very chuffed to have ABC Tv's In The Mix drop over to my place for a good old fashioned chin-wag! I will post a link to the episode once it is live to my instagram + all the details of the exhibit dates/times + the release date of the keep your eyes peeled on @imakestagram for all these deets.

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Whilst I love producing custom orders for people, I find that as each week draws to a close, I get this CRAZY urge to make something new and produce something that I haven't been explicitly asked to do...kinda like colouring outside the lines, ya know? In having a good play, this month I tried out a new sewing technique with my tinsel, and as such, found a way to make my jackets even MORE lush and kind of fluffy.  Here are some pics of some new experimental pieces I created...

Rainbow puff jacket...this is one of my all time favs!!!

Rainbow puff jacket...this is one of my all time favs!!!

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After experimenting with this technique across a couple of pieces, I then decided to apply my method to some of my more expensive materials (I try not to experiment with this stuff too much, as if I make a mistake then it does cost me some real $$$). These materials for me happen to be the most fancy pastel/holographic colours...and I am obsessed with the results.  This tinsel puff jacket makes me think of candy hearts and those sparkly rainbow stickers I used to collect as a kid...

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I couldn't help but make a dress version too!

I couldn't help but make a dress version too!

In addition to experimenting with tinsel, I also can't help but also squeeze in a bit of recreational hot-gluing each day.  Whilst I don't wear headbands too often, I find that they are REALLY fun to make for a bit of fun...and they kinda get my createive juices a-flowin'! Like this one...

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But in addition to fun experiments, this month I have also had the complete JOY to work with so many musicians and create them some costumes for their video clips/press shots.  This month I had the luck to create pieces for Alice Ivy, Kate Miller Heidke, Thelma Plum and....Kesha (or is that...Ke$sha!).  It's so wonderful to be able to send these pieces off and know that they are going to be used to create even more magic! I absolutely have to pinch myself to have these amazing opportunities come about...I just can't. even.

Kate Miller Heidke in custom tinsel at ACMI.

Kate Miller Heidke in custom tinsel at ACMI.

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I feel like I say this in every post I do...but goddamn, I really can't believe how fast time is flying. The year is dissolving and I feel like I'm a little dog in a pool, trying to paddle and keep my head above water.  I am LOVING the freedom of freelance life, but bloody hell, it has kept me running!  I feel like every day a new thing pops up...and right now I just want to say YES to everything!  This week alone started off chill enough, but then crazily escalated when I found out I am a finalist in this cray cray competition with A++ retailer Lane Crawford.  As such, I will be flying to Sydney next week to present basically my ENTIRE body of work and have it assessed with some real fancy people (*cough...the editor of Vogue included*).  Needless to say, now this week has turned into a bit of a frenzy organising everything for that, sending of Kesha's costumes, and trying to send out customer orders on time. GAH!  All good things, but holy's keeping me on my toes!

Also, you may realise that you are now viewing this blog via my online store website.  Sad story, but my imakeyouwearit website got EPICLY hacked and I had to make the tough choice to say FAREWELL to that site.  I felt momentarily sad, but then glad, when I realised that I could let go of one of the many websites that I have to remember passwords for...and also, I feel like my i make. you wear it. journey may have wrapped up a little now anyway.  That title worked so well for me for SO long, but i am happy to be producing work now under my own name...and so writing the blog posts in this space instead feels really right for me!  ULTRA thanks to Jenna Seeley of Sunday Studio who fended off the hackers and transferred a whole bunch of my old posts to this platform!  She is such an angel and always does such a MAGNIFICENT job!!

Ok, that's it from me for now!  Speak soon! xx Rach xx

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